From taking a hostage from the parliament, to enlisting ravens as soldiers, the British Royal Family has some bizarre traditions.

British Royal Family members (Credits: theweek)

The Royal Family Takes a Hostage Before the State Parliament Opening

The Empire State Building-sized ship has chocked 12% of the global trade, and blocked one of the most important trade routes.

Aerial shot of the Ever Given cargo ship (credits: BBC)


The real life “Mad King” was responsible for one of the most notorious genocides in human history.

King Leopold (source:theafricanexponent)

Nobody talks about one of the most notorious mass murderers in human history.

Early Life

From the 1st Crusade to the benefits that Europe reaped off a failing campaign

Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

The Crusades did not start with the aim of recapturing the Holy Land

A formidable group of Assassins feared by Crusaders and Muslims alike

Illustration of an Assassin attacking a Crusader Knight. Source: wallpapercave

Origins of the ancient Assassin Cult

The Savage Mountain claimed 11 lives in a single night in 2008. People lose their minds trying to climb K2.

Climbers Entangled at K2 waitng to be rescued (Credits: BBC)

The 2008 K2 Disaster — 11 Climbers Died in 1 Night

If a Kamikaze somehow survived, he had to prepare to die again.

A Kamikaze attacking a US warship ( Credits: BBC)

Who were the Kamikazes?

The lady liberty was golden once and it was not intended to be a lady. It could have been sir liberty

Statue of Liberty in 1886 and 2018 (Credits: Dozr)

1. Lady Liberty Could Have Been Sir Liberty

Anne claimed that she was possessed by Judas, Hitler, and Lucifer. Her parents were tried for homicide after her death.

Anneliese before and after her exorcism rituals began (Credits: Rtd)

I learned that the art of effective negotiation lies in not negotiating.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash


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