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She slaughtered her sister, and left her dead body with a knife sticking out of its neck.

Photo Credits: Metro

Some Pictures were taken moments before the disaster struck.

1. Tragedy By The Sea

A couple photographed moments after learning that their 19-month-old child had been swept out to sea at Hermosa Beach | Photo Credits: John Gaunt

Denali Brehmer was catfished by a fake millionaire to rape, videotape and kill her best friend.

Photo in public domain

The police discovered Ashley’s body, hidden in a container, inside the kitchen of their restaurant.

Photo Credits: Hispanic News Network

Children and old-aged men were killed. Women were raped and their bodies were mutilated.

The My Lai villagers were brutally killed by American soldiers. | Photo Credits: Pulitzer

Ronald Ridenhour Reveals Horrifying Details

From fasting to the concept of the afterlife, these three religions share many common practices and beliefs.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are called Abrahamic religions. | Photo Credits: LUC

Shame, fear, trauma; why are victims silenced and humiliated by the perpetrators?

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

The Iraqi Girl Who Was Forced to Be a Sex Slave

What if you see a dead girl on the street while browsing through Google Maps?

1. Dead Girl on the Road

A possessed nun was found with black ink on her face and a devilish letter that rejected God, beside her.

A friend of El-Chapo shared horrifying details of crimes that he committed as a hitman.

Photo Credits: Flickr

Bloodthirsty Cartel Leaders Go After Each Other


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