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Technology in today’s world is a double-edged sword. It has often resulted in even the best-kept secrets being leaked. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been on the mission to declassify some matters to prevent unauthorized exposure of secrets that may cause harm to the country.

In today’s countdown, we…

Vatican City is home to multitudinous scandals. | Photo Credits: Taiwan News

Vatican City is the world’s smallest country, stretched on 110 acres only. However, the tiny country hoards a bundle of tragic secrets from the world that rarely any of us know about.

The Vatican is believed to have an intimidating influence and power.

‘Trial of a Sow and Pigs at Lavegny’, French illustration, 1849 | Photo Credits: History Today

Our history is full of instances that sound bizarre to us now. Unusual practices were pretty common during the Medieval period. Humans and animals were treated equally, especially when it came to serving justice. One of such practices included putting animals on trial for violating the laws. …

Photo Credits: World History Encyclopedia

Archeologists, for centuries, have been working to uncover the miraculous ancient history of our world. From buildings to sculptures, everything found is a piece of art and treasure. When we dive into its history, it leaves us wondering what it has been like to be a part of the past…

Patricia Brim’s photo, which she took on Valentine’s Day 1944, along with her letters sent to her husband, Raymond, who was serving in World War II | Photo Credits: The Washington Post

Wars are a means of devastation, where all the countries involved have to endure the consequences. World wars are still recalled as the most vicious of the wars where millions of people died, stories ended, and love stories took a turn. However, the letters written during those wars, among lovers…

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A wedding is a joyous occasion that brings many blessings to the newlyweds. There are exceptions, however, such as some royal weddings. If you think of a Royal Wedding, you probably envision an extravagant ceremony, bombarded with camera flashes.

However, that has not always been the case. There was a…

Elaine O’Hara (left) and Graham Dwyer (right) | Photo Credits: Dublin Live

Murdered in August 2012, Elaine O’Hara’s death wasn’t instantly suspicious. That wasn’t because of the police or her devastated family’s negligence- Graham had planned it that meticulously. The 2015 trial captured national attention, rocking every Irishman to the core. BDSM was weaponized against Elaine.


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