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Technology in today’s world is a double-edged sword. It has often resulted in even the best-kept secrets being leaked. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been on the mission to declassify some matters to prevent unauthorized exposure of secrets that may cause harm to the country.

In today’s countdown, we…

Vatican City is home to multitudinous scandals. | Photo Credits: Taiwan News

Vatican City is the world’s smallest country, stretched on 110 acres only. However, the tiny country hoards a bundle of tragic secrets from the world that rarely any of us know about.

The Vatican is believed to have an intimidating influence and power.

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s son and ninth in the line to the throne | Photo Credits: Independent

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite son Prince Andrew is facing embarrassing allegations to be involved with the convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein. According to the judges in January 2022, the case was not dismissed and could lead to a trial for sex abuse if an agreement is not settled beforehand. The case…

Ancient people would die because of the most random and easily avoidable reasons. | Photo Credits: History Collection

TThe deaths of iconic ancient leaders were nothing like the deaths of the millennial bigwigs. The millennials added the flavor of horror and terror to the deaths of their time, whereas ancient people’s deaths were purely the definition of satire. These ironic deaths include the death of Aeschylus after an…

Dino Tomassetti, the famous bodybuilder | Photo Credits:

Children represent everything a parent fights for, but to what extent? Does it justify shooting others in the name of your kin? Dino Tomassetti is a famous bodybuilder and personal trainer at Retro Fitness in Queens, New York. Through his marriage with Klarisa Perez, he had a son and loved…

A Swedish man was allegedly locked up for 28 years by his mother in her apartment. | Photo Credits: Film Daily

In December 2020, a Swedish woman made it to the news headlines after she allegedly confined her son in her apartment’s secluded room for nearly 28 years. The woman, now 70 years old, was arrested after being released from the hospital on charges of abusing her son. The woman denied…

Temple Mount | Photo Credits: Tourist Israel

Temple Mount, also known as Haram al-sharif and Mount Moriah, is located in the old city of Jerusalem. Holding a vast historical background, this temple is considered the most important site of worship for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It is believed by these religions that some of the most important…


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