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Denali Brehmer was catfished by a fake millionaire to rape, videotape and kill her best friend.

Photo in public domain

These deadly swords have a legacy of their own. These iconic blades have become national treasures.

The Seven Branched Sword (Credits: Ancient-Origins)

1. Napoleon’s Sword

The massacre in Nanjing caused 300,000 casualties and over 80,000 women raped. All of this in a matter of weeks.

Chinese woman tied to a pole and forcibly being kissed by a Japanese soldier (Credits: ATI)


Anne claimed that she was possessed by Judas, Hitler, and Lucifer. Her parents were tried for homicide after her death.

Anneliese before and after her exorcism rituals began (Credits: Rtd)

From taking a hostage from the parliament, to enlisting ravens as soldiers, the British Royal Family has some bizarre traditions.

British Royal Family members (Credits: theweek)

The Royal Family Takes a Hostage Before the State Parliament Opening

Her soul now eternally wanders in search of her children

Credits: Indianexpress

Version 1 — Llorona Lost Her Mind and Killed Her Children Because Her Husband Left her

All you need to know about the most recent conflict over Sheikh Jarrah

Israel Conducts airstrikes (Credits: VoaNews)

He stood up for what he believed in. He fought inside and outside the ring.

Credits: Independent

The Greatest of All time

The chilling story of America’s first serial killer who killed his mistresses, business partner and numerous other victims.

H.H Holmes

According to the legend, the pirate ship still sails in uncharted waters

The Flying Dutchman (Credits: StripesEurope)

Fascinating Stories About the Flying Dutchman


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