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Some Pictures were taken moments before the disaster struck.

Do pictures really depict the circumstances with accuracy or are they, at best, a muse or a ruse for the world to see? What may look like a normal picture can have a horrifying backstory to it. Down below are eight seemingly normal pictures with creepy backstories that can make you question everything.

1. Tragedy By The Sea

A couple photographed moments after learning that their 19-month-old child had been swept out to sea at Hermosa Beach | Photo Credits: John Gaunt

This photo might appear peaceful and romantic at first glance. But that’s the opposite of what was happening there.

On April 2,1954, John Gaunt, a photographer for The Los Angeles Times, was in the front yard of his beachfront home when he heard a commotion. On looking…

Denali Brehmer was catfished by a fake millionaire to rape, videotape and kill her best friend.

Photo in public domain

In June 2019, a horrific case of an 18-year-old, Denali Brehmer, gained notoriety when she was found guilty of killing her best friend for 9 million dollars. The Prosecution reported that the alleged juvenile had been talking online to a supposed millionaire named Tyler from Kansas City, who promised Brehmer 9 million dollars if she killed someone.

Brehmer, under the influence of her newly found love, Tyler, killed her best friend Cynthia Hoffman with the help of a few other friends. …

These deadly swords have a legacy of their own. These iconic blades have become national treasures.

The Seven Branched Sword (Credits: Ancient-Origins)

The greatest and the most successful warriors wielded the sharpest and the strongest blades. These blades have a legacy of their own. These sharp yet beautiful historical artefacts speak volumes of their owners’ legacy as well. These iconic yet deadly swords narrate the stories of entire generations. Historical Swords connect people with their ancestors, their culture and history.

Here are top 10 most iconic swords of all time.

1. Napoleon’s Sword

The massacre in Nanjing caused 300,000 casualties and over 80,000 women raped. All of this in a matter of weeks.

Chinese woman tied to a pole and forcibly being kissed by a Japanese soldier (Credits: ATI)

The second Sino-Japanese war killed almost 20 million civilians. The most brutal event of the second Sino-Japanese war was the Invasion of Nanjing by the Japanese troops. The brutalities that occurred within one month of invasion is called “The rape of Nanjing” or “Nanjing Massacre”. Within six weeks of the charge, the Japanese soldier killed nearly 300,000 Chinese people and raped approximately 80,000 women. The Japanese left Nanjing in ruins of broken buildings and mounted corpses. (Sue De Pasquale)


In late 1937, the invasion of Shanghai gave Japan a boost of confidence which led them to advance towards Nanjing, China’s…

From taking a hostage from the parliament, to enlisting ravens as soldiers, the British Royal Family has some bizarre traditions.

British Royal Family members (Credits: theweek)

The Royal Family Takes a Hostage Before the State Parliament Opening

This is one of the most bizarre rituals of the Royal Family. The Monarch has to attend the opening ceremony of the Parliament.

However, before the Queen enters the Parliament, a hostage from the Parliament has to be handed over to the Royal Family to ensure the safe return of the Queen.

The tradition originated when the Parliament and the monarchy were not on very good terms. In order to ensure that the Monarch or the head of the State was not harmed in any way, a hostage was first taken by the Royal family.

The hostage was kept in…

It was the worst year in human history. The days were as dark as the nights.

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

If you were asked what the worst year in history was, you might say 1349, when the Black Death killed almost half of Europe. Or maybe even in 1918, when the Spanish flu killed about 50 million to 100 million people. But it was actually 536 A.D.

With the conflicts and political violations occurring in Europe in 536 A.D., it would seem like what could be worse. But it was a lot worse. 536 A.D. was a period of the “Dark Age.” It is called Dark Age because the Sun seemed to be covered in fog, which made it lose…

The truth always comes out, even if it’s 430,000 years later.

An artist’s impression of the Sima de los Huesos early humans that are estimated to have lived 400,000 years ago | Photo Credits: The Guardian

For as long as humans have inhabited the earth, violence has always been a primitive characteristic of their nature. However, discoveries suggest that violence was an essential life skill when people lived in caves. The evidence to support this claim was found when the paleontologists pieced together 52-fragments of a 430,000-year-old skull from an underground cave in northern Spain, the Sima De Los Huesos. For the research team, the most intriguing and unusual part of this discovery was the cave’s location. It was at a depth of 43 feet and 13 meters and is called the Pit of Bones. Strands…

Millions of people lost their lives in some of these events.

There is no doubt that there have been countless deaths and inexplicable sufferings worldwide. They may have been due to fatal diseases, natural disasters, or the result of wars and conflicts between different nations. Hundreds of books, articles, and documentaries have covered these atrocities in the pages of history for the coming generations to study.

Here, we are going to cover eight of the worst events in history.

1. September 11 Terrorist Attack — When The Twin Towers Came Tumbling Down

Twin Tower Attack, 9/11 | Photo Credits: The Arizona Republic

Twenty years ago, thousands of Americans lost their lives due to an unforeseen terrorist attack, famously remembered as the 9/11 attacks. On September 11, 2001, nineteen militants allied with the Extremist group…

She said, shooting at the school children was just like “shooting ducks in a pond.”

Brenda Ann Spencer in police custody | Photo Credits: The Advertiser

Who is Brenda Ann Spencer?

Brenda Ann Spencer, born on April 3, 1962, lived in San Diego, California. Her house was across the street from Grover Cleveland Elementary School, in the San Diego Unified School District.

At the age of 16, she was about 5' 2" tall, unusually skinny, and had deep, bright red hair. A classmate called her “pretty crummy looking” when asked to describe Spencer.

She Opened Fire At the School From the Window of Her House

On January 29, 1979, the morning school bell had just rang the Grover Cleveland Elementary School when it became the target in the state’s first high-profile school killing. This happened when a 16-year-old girl named Brenda Ann Spencer…

He suffered from childhood trauma, drug abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychopathy.

Photo Credits: Allthatsinteresting

Adolph Hitler, the mastermind behind the anti-Semitic death parade, nearly wiped six million Jews from the face of Earth. He left the whole world wondering why he did what he did. Many scholars, doctors, and scientists dived deep into the root cause behind Hitler’s violent behavior and produced many theories.

Some portrayed Hitler as a schizophrenic, while others believed his wrongdoings stemmed from his maltreatment during his childhood. The people who knew Hitler closely were witnesses of his hysterical outbursts. Hitler tried to remain calm and collected but would frantically cry and yell at minor inconveniences. …


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