How plastic surgery is ruining our lives?

From attaining the industry standard body to having Body Dysmorphic Disorder and self-esteem issues.

Psychological, psychiatric and self-worth issues

Plastic surgeries can exacerbates sever underlying psychiatric and psychological issues. Plastic surgeries are one of the leading causes of Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD). People having this are not able to reconcile with how they look and what people think about them. There is a constant need to look better and meet the industry set standards of looking hot and sexy. Many celebrities including the likes of Michael Jackson suffered from this disorder. Plastic surgeries also exacerbate self-worth or self-esteem issues. Having a plastic surgery directly translates to acknowledging that you are not good enough and you need to change. It is the easy out and finding the shortcut to feeling comfortable in ones own skin. People end up having numerous plastic surgeries to look better. They reach to the point of no return where no matter how they look, they try to make more changes in order to look more charming. The self esteem and self worth of our generation has taken an extreme hit due to these procedures. people are now focused more on developing and changing their bodies instead of working on their mental and intellectual faculties.

Plastic Surgeries can go wrong!

Risk of Injuries

There are some direct physical risks of injuries attached with having plastic surgeries. Boob jobs can lead to Hematoma, which is a painful bruise which can last for a significant period of time. Seroma is another common injury associated with plastic surgeries. Fluids gather under the skin and can cause patient pain and bodily harm. Infections are also common in breast augmentation procedures. These infections are rather more common than other diseases associated with plastic surgery. Nerve damage is also very common while having a breast procedure. There are reports of losing Nipple sensation among women who have a boob job.

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